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Our Company produces many kinds of custom-made metal parts and supports world's leading Manufactures in Electrical, Electronic and Automotive industries. The metal parts are used in various products such as Battery pack & applied, Cable terminal, Audio System, Weighing System, Audible Warning Devices, etc.
Innovation in tooling design and continuous improvement in stamping process bring GTRADE to become one of the leading Battery Terminal manufacturer supplying to the world top battery pack manufacturers. Our products have been using by well known brands such us Sanyo-Panasonic, Kenwood, Hitachi, Black berry, Dell, etc.

We produce various type of terminals from material such us Pure Nickel ( Ni200 Japan), Nickel Clad, SPCEN, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel with or without surface finishing i.e. : Gold, Nickel, Tin, etc.

GTRADE low cost production factory in Batam Island-Indonesia is the key competitive advantage. Batam Island is a Free Trade Zone and located 45 minutes from Singapore by ferry. It's proximity to Singapore which has a world-class logistic hub enhance our products to reach our customers anywhere in the world timely.


      Kara Industrial Park Block - C 05 No. 01
      Batam center 29432 - Batam
      Kepri - Indonesia


      Ruko Central Busines Destrict (CBD)
      Jalan Niaga Raya Block E No. 7
      Jababeka 2 - Cikarang Bekasi

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